About Me

Welcome to Windy City Nanny!

I’m Florence Ann—a Chicago-based author, entrepreneur and childcare expert.

I have always had an extremely special place in my heart for children, and I have been lucky enough to work with the little loves for most of my life. These relationships are so beyond important, so I’ve made it my mission to make it easier for families and caregivers to do what is best for the children every step of the way.

Think of me as the friendly voice of childcare you can always turn to for advice.

After years of experience as a long-time nanny, I know that bringing a caregiver into a family is a big transition for everyone. As the Windy City Nanny, my goal is to help families welcome nannies into their homes, in a way that is best for the most important little hearts in the equation, the children. That’s why I wrote the book Nanny and Me.

Nanny and Me is a picture-book that helps families and caregivers build the best relationship possible—while making sure that the children are always top of mind. Since its release in 2015, I have been incredibly lucky to travel across the country speaking about the role of caregivers in the new millennium.

The truth is that for children, love, kindness and SPUNK is absolutely everything!


In my life, I wear a lot of hats. But connecting with kids of all ages is my favorite one by far. One of the greatest honors I know is when the children in my life call me Auntie Lo. It means that I have earned their trust and built a bond that I will never, ever take for granted!

I aspire to be the Auntie Lo to kids and families everywhere.

In fact, my mantra is always to have courage and be kind.

Whether you are a caregiver or parent, I am here to help navigate the role you play in caring for a child. I have years of experience and plenty of opinions—and you better believe I’m going to share them all!

Born, raised and firmly rooted in Chicago, I am The Windy City Nanny.


Auntie Lo